In Memoriam

KIA while assigned to 73rd Aviation Company

1LT Richard E Jaeck 14-Mar-1964, Binh Thuan Province, South Vietnam

CPT Jimmy Cartwright 23-Jun-1964, Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam

CPT Marlin E McCahan 24-Jun-1964, Vinh Long Province, South Vietnam

MIA while assigned to 73rd Aviation Company

1LT Daniel G Dawson 6-Nov-1964, Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam

KIA while assigned to other units in RVN

CPT John S Sabine IV 30-Mar-1966, Pleiku Province, South Vietnam

MAJ Michael F Field 16-Oct-1967, Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam


Walter L Baker Date Unknown

Robert T Swanson 15-Mar-1966

William A Thomas 1983

Adolph F Kotulan Jan-1985

Benjamin O Knight 11-Jan-1996

Calvin B Chandler 18-May-1997

Donald C Brewer 8-Jan-2000

James E Payne 24-Feb-2006

Robert H Chambers 14-Apr-2006

John O Northridge 20-Apr-2006

Bernard M McInerny 11-Oct-2007

James C Yandell 18-Mar-2008

Robert D Fuller 3-Jan-2009

Robert S Kay 27-May-2009

Gordon T Gill 4-Feb-2010

Robert D Taylor 15-May-2011

James E Vetter 20-Apr-2010

John R Denike 9-Nov-2010

Norman N Ferguson 5-Feb-2012

William E McGee 2-Apr-2012

David E Boutwell 25-Feb-2013

Leroy C Herrick 9-Mar-2013

Hubert Earl Foster 3-Dec-2014

John C Kohl 10-Dec-2015

Harold John Allen Helms 14-Nov-2017
Colonel Harold John Allen Helms U.S Army (ret), passed away in Murphy NC Tuesday, November 14, 2017. He is survived by his wife Jean and a son and daughter. Burial will follow in Arlington National Cemetery

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